Wild West Pinball

Wild West Pinball 3.10.1

Become the pinball wizard of the Old West


  • Fast, fun gameplay
  • Authentic pinball experience
  • Online high scores


  • Obscured flippers
  • No in-game restart

Very good

It's difficult to find a decent pinball game on the iPhone - but Wild West Pinball is one that bucks the trend, offering a realistic and fun table-top simulation.

As the name suggests, Wild West Pinball is a pinball game set in cowboyland. The objective is to rack up as many points (or dollars, in this case) as possible, by bouncing the ball off various bells, bumpers, and buffer, and around tracks and tunnels. There are a few different features you can open up by falling down the right holes, or lighting up the right number of lamps in the right order. The challenge is for you to get as high up the online Wild West Pinball leaderboard as possible.

Wild West Pinball is great fun to play, and dead easy to control. You simply tap the left of the screen to use the left flipper and the right of the screen to flip the right one. It's a little annoying at first that you can't see the flippers the whole time (the camera follows the ball around the table), but you get used to it after a while.

The graphics in Wild West Pinball are pretty good, but it's the sound effects that make the experience feel so realistic. From the rush of the ball rolling along the wood to the thudding sound of the flippers, everything sounds like an authentic pinball table.

There are a few quirks of Wild West Pinball that annoyed me, most notably the fact that you can't exit or restart a game from the pause menu. Instead you have to quit completely out of the game and launch the app again.

Overall though, Wild West Pinball is one of the most enjoyable pinball games on the iPhone.

Fixed bug preventing posting to leaderboard in iOS 4 Supported multitasking in iOS 4


  • Fixed bug preventing posting to leaderboard in iOS 4 Supported multitasking in iOS 4

Wild West Pinball


Wild West Pinball 3.10.1

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